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Medical Services:

Al Hayat Fertility Center:

Al Hayat Fertility Center is a center of integrated services, to treat infertility and inability to reproduce. At the center our mission is to provide the most advanced infertility treatments, with maximum efficiency within the framework of the possible. Our clients' physical and moral health and psychological comfort are the first to be noticed; we are committed to delivering the highest level of service in a comfortable and cooperative environment. At the center, we are accelerating to the highest degree of successful treatment; we provide the most modern, diagnostic and therapeutic methods, the most advanced in Egypt. Medical science of reproduction is always in the development and renewal, and our preoccupation is to progress with it by the latest, to rise the results of pregnancy and serve our customers to the maximum. With us, it is possible, a new beginning, new hopes, a new life.

We have a group of the best doctors specialized, this specialty excelled in the hospital and became cases of intractable infertility find its solution to us, and the center is as follows:

1. Clinical examination of patients with registration with medical history in a high-precision electronic system.
2. Request for tests to diagnose the condition.
3. A professor will meet the patient after the completion of the tests to assess the situation and draw up the treatment plan.

Selection of the sex of the baby using the method of separation of embryos (PGD):

Stage 1: Program of induction of ovulation through the needles of hormones given to the wife from the beginning of the session. During the program, the oocytes are monitored continuously until they reach the required size for the draw.
Stage 2: The oocytes are withdrawn from the body by means of a special vaginal needle under general anesthesia. The same day, the egg is fertilized microscopically. Here, some patients wonder about the possibility of segregation of sperm in a screening method before the process of microscopy to increase the number of embryos for the desired gender. Studies found the feasibility of this method and no difference in the final vaccination rates.
Stage 3: Place the embryos in special incubators and leave them for 3 days until each embryo reaches the stage 6-8 cells and then the fetal wall is punctured and one cell is withdrawn without causing any harm or harm to the fetus.
Stage 4: Reintroduction of the sex of the desired sex after determining the sex of the baby is only returned fetuses desired in the genus and embryos sound and would like to mention here that there are cases there are no embryos intact or of the sex required and is not returned in this case and cancel the program.
The final stage: is to take a pregnancy stabilizer program and wait for two weeks to see the pregnancy.

What distinguishes this method from other ways to determine the sex of the baby is more secure and the success rate is almost to 99% and does not pose a danger to the fetus.

It is applied to prevent the transmission of genetic diseases in families that have already been exposed to these diseases or carriers of the disease such as (hemophilia, the child "Down" Mongolian, Mediterranean anemia, increased muscle weakness).

Selection of the fetus type to avoid genetic diseases according to the controls of the House of Fatwa and the Islamic Research Complex.


Alex Specialized Hospital Official Website
Degrees & Rooms of the hospital:
Royal Suite
Comfortable accommodation suite with a seperate salon for visitors
Fully Electric Japanese Bed
Bed for Accompanying Person
2 LCD Screen
Free internet access
2 Air Conditioners
Private Bathroom
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About hospital:


12 Roshdy St., Intersection Of Abdel Hamid El Abbady St., Roushdy area, Alexandria

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Alex Specialized Hospital Official Website